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A weekend, freezing weather, and a damaged propeller

Customer Need
No one thinks it’s going to happen to them, but when it does, where do you start? Damaging a propeller on a weekend in freezing weather on Lake Michigan proved to be a bit of a quandary for this customer.

If it is a weekend and you are on Lake Michigan in freezing weather and you damage a propeller, there are limited solutions. For the crew of the R/V COREGONUS, their solution was just one phone call away; to Burger’s Service Manager. Once called into action, the Burger team took the necessary steps to appraise the damage and determine if the vessel could continue its voyage or if it would need to go to Burger’s shipyard for repair.

With the cooperation of the Manitowoc Marina, located only a few miles from Burger’s shipyard, the 60’ research vessel was able to moor alongside the Wisconsin Maritime Museum for a detailed inspection. A diver Burger often uses from Eastern Wisconsin Divers also responded to the call. He promptly dove into the icy waters of the Manitowoc River to inspect the damage. Once evaluated, it was determined the vessel could not continue its voyage. However, the frozen Manitowoc River poised yet another problem. Fortunately, with the help of Susie-Q Fish Company, the ice was broken up by one of their fishing vessels. Now the R/V COREGONUS was able to safely navigate to Burger’s shipyard where she was hauled-out, using Burger’s 500 Metric Ton Marine Travelift®, moved to one of Burger’s heated buildings and repaired. The crew, familiar with Burger’s quality workmanship, decided it was also a good time to perform miscellaneous maintenance work along with a few additional repairs. She then was stored at Burger for the remainder of winter.

Never expecting such a quick response on a weekend, the R/V COREGONUS crew was extremely impressed with the immediate and professional service they received from Burger. With the help of Burger, Manitowoc Marina, Wisconsin Maritime Museum, Eastern Wisconsin Divers, and Susie-Q Fish Company the R/V COREGONUS and her crew received the mechanical repair, customer service and community help they needed. This repeat customer has yet another story to impress even the most experienced of sailors!

Manitowoc Marina; Manitowoc, WI
Wisconsin Maritime Museum; Manitowoc, WI
Eastern Wisconsin Divers; Manitowoc, WI
Susie-Q Fish Company; Two Rivers, WI

Fishing boat breaking ice in well

Coregonus arrival