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Creating a custom built yacht is a unique journey and a very soul-satisfying experience. There is nothing quite like conceiving a yacht design; developing the specifics, reviewing the plans and making decisions while watching your yacht materialize before your eyes. Burger welcomes all clients to enjoy the progression of their journey while their custom creation evolves.

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The construction process begins with a vision. When that vision is shared, a masterpiece begins to develop. Next, the production process begins by articulating the client’s dream with the Burger Design Team. The designers and engineers then explore the various possibilities to include the highest vessel standards of design, quality construction, seaworthiness and reliability.


The Burger team personifies pride, passion and enthusiasm which can be seen in each and every custom yacht from fruition to completion. The experienced workforce of designers, engineers and craftspeople have continuously demonstrated an amazing work ethic, a characteristic that has been deeply rooted for generations within the Burger culture.