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The Burger Experience

The first step is to share your dreams with the Burger Design Team. Burger uses an in-depth design brief to help define your vision and to document your priorities for your yacht. A personal visit to the Burger facilities is recommended to learn how your yacht will be constructed and to witness the true value of Burger’s experience and craftsmanship. For more information contact Burger at +1 920.686.5117 or email


At this stage, your dreams begin to take shape in the form of dramatic conceptual designs and renderings. Design plans for the exterior and interior of your exclusive yacht are presented for your direction or approval. Cost estimates are developed and reviewed with you before moving forward. Conceptual designs and renderings include:

  • Hull designs
  • Exterior styling and interior floor plans
  • Interior elevation renderings
  • Engines, propulsion and electric generation equipment selection
  • Special requirements including recreational and/or shore tenders and storage options
  • Navigation electronics and entertainment system descriptions


Reviewing and approving the final design specifications is one of the last steps before commissioning your yacht. Burger will prepare a detailed design and specification breakdown that provides descriptions of each aspect of your yacht’s construction, from its development milestones to your key points of approval. After reviewing and agreeing on the details, you approve the yacht construction agreement and your yacht is on the way to fruition.


The Burger yacht you’ve dreamed of, and designed, is about to become a reality. Each phase of the build is documented before work begins. Burger provides a detailed time line that describes each step of the process. This type of detail positions you as an integral part of the build progression. You remain involved throughout the process.


Months of planning and construction culminate at this moment. It’s time to launch your new Burger yacht, built exclusively for you.

Sea Trials

Along with the Burger team, you and/or your Captain take your new Burger yacht through various sea trials. At-sea observations and detailed walk-through inspections are conducted. At this stage, final modifications and refinements are made.


Congratulations, you are now the owner of your distinctive Burger and have joined the most exclusive fleet of yachts in the world. Each Burger craftsman’s pride is reflected in every new yacht. This same pride can be seen when an owner watches their new yacht launched. But it is more than pride that they share—it is also the customer relationship that endures long after delivery, making every Burger yacht extraordinary.

Burger will deliver your new yacht, letting your journey begin.

The build begins

Launch celebration

Thorough sea trials

Delivery and a continuing relationship